Move 2 Learn


What is this study about?

Early support for helping to develop motor skills and early reading skills can promote overall healthy development and help get children ready for school. We have designed a 10-week program called Move 2 Learn for 3-4 year old children and their parents to help improve children's movement and early reading skills. This study is evaluating the effectiveness of the Move 2 Learn program.

Would my child and I be able to take part?

If your child is:

  • Between the ages of 3 to 4 years as of August 24, 2019
  • Not diagnosed with any developmental delays

You may be eligible to take part in this study.

What would my child and I have to do?

This study involves three study appointments over 20 weeks. Each appointment takes approximately 1-1.25 hours at the INCH Lab. During these appointments, children will be guided through a series of activities that look at movement, reading, and cognitive skills, perceptions of physical competence, and we will send you home with an activity monitor to be worn for 7 days to track physical activity. Most children find these activities fun to do. At the end of the first appointment we will randomize your family to start the 10-week program on one of two dates: August 24 or November 16.

What does the program look like?

The program is a motor skills and early reading program that lasts for 10 weeks. Each weekly session will last for one hour and will take place on the weekend. The one-hour session includes activities to teach your child motor skills, time for free play, and a group storybook reading activity. One parent or caregiver will be asked to take part each week in the motor skill and storybook activities and to do some of the activities at home. If possible, we would like the same parent or caregiver to come to all 10 sessions. The program will take place at the University of Toronto’s Athletic Centre.

How do I get more information about this study?

Please contact us at 416-978-3086 or email us at