Start2Finish: Running & Reading

Evaluation of the Start2Finish Running and Reading Club

Start2Finish Running and Reading Club

The Start2Finish Running & Reading Club weekly after-school program is a 32-week companion program to the Backpack Program. It effectively addresses the need for enhanced literacy and physical activity among economically challenged children in the communities it services. Start2Finish currently has 38 Running & Reading Club programs successfully operating from coast to coast, with plans to expand to 50 Clubs by 2018-19. 

 The Running & Reading Club Program takes place directly within local schools, and runs for two hours one day per week from October to June. The program culminates in the Start2Finish 5K Running & Reading Challenge and an awards ceremony recognizing each child’s achievement at the end of the school year.” (Start2Finish Website)

What did we do?

We are currently evaluating the long-term effects of the program on children’s self-reported psychosocial well-being (e.g., self-esteem), confidence to read and engage in physical activity, as well as their overall physical activity levels.

 Approximately 200 children (across Canada) have completed the baseline survey (October, 2017). These children will complete the same survey near the end of the program (May, 2018)


What did we find?

Please check back for study results.


Next steps

Findings from this study will aid in the design of our follow-up study (October 2018 – June 2019) investigating both the acute (immediate) and long-term effects of the Start2Finish Running and Reading Club program on physical fitness, physical literacy, physical activity levels, cognition, and overall psychosocial well-being.