How to Participate (FAQ)

Before deciding to participate:












Why is it important that your child participates?

Our research cannot exist without your participation; research with children has long-term benefits because we are able to find answers to many of the questions faced by doctors, scientists and parents about the health of children.

Learning more about a child’s physiological and psychological health can lead to better treatments and cures in the medical community and will enhance the overall well-being of children.

How long would it take?

The amount of time asked of you and your child varies from project to project. Please see the list of on-going projects for more information.

Would I be committed once my child starts participating in your study?

No. If you don't feel comfortable with continuing, you can withdraw any time you want without explanation or consequences. All you need to do is tell the researcher or study staff that you'd like to withdraw.

What are the benefits of participating?

To show our appreciation for your time, we try to offer an honorarium whenever we can. However, your participation should be based on a voluntary decision, not the honorarium. This honorarium is intended to be compensation and a token of thanks for each participant’s time.

What will happen with my child’s information?

All information will be kept confidential, and will be stored in a secure and locked location.

Would my child’s identification ever be known?

Nobody will be identified. All names are replaced with either pseudonyms or participant identification numbers.

How would my child’s information be used?

After the information from the study has been analyzed, it is anticipated that the results will be shared at scholarly conferences and in scientific journals.

Who do I contact if I want to participate?

Each project has a project coordinator. If you know who the project coordinator is, you can directly call or email them. If you don't know who the project coordinator is, you can find out on our current projects or e-mail us.

After deciding to participate:

What should my child wear to their study appointment?

Your child should wear clothing that is easy for them to move around in, for example, shorts and a short sleeved top. Running shoes are the recommended footwear.

My study appointment is at the INCH lab. How do I get to there?

We are located in the David Braley Health Sciences Centre in Hamilton. Our address is 100 Main Street West, 1st floor, L8P 1H6. (Please view our maps if you're not sure about the location)

I have an emergency and need to re-schedule or cancel my study appointment. Who do I contact?

You can call us at 905-525-9140 ext: 27528 or e-mail us.