McMaster University Students

  • Chloe Bedard: PhD student           
  • Emily Bremer: PhD student
  • Tuyen Le: Masters student



Chloe Bedard is in her second year of her PhD in the Health Research Methodology (HRM) program at McMaster University. She has a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) degree and a minor in psychology from McMaster University. Chloe’s thesis involves designing, evaluating, and implementing community-based movement and pre-literacy interventions for preschool children to improve their overall development.



Chloe currently holds a Canadian Institute of Health Research Doctoral scholarship. 


Emily Bremer is a PhD candidate in the Department of Kinesiology at McMaster University. She completed her BHSc (Honours) and MHSc in Kinesiology at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. Her research focuses on the interrelationships between movement skills, physical activity, physical fitness, and cognition in children and youth, including how these relationships can be explained through physical literacy. Emily has extensive experience in intervention design, delivery, and evaluation and her work spans a range of populations of children including those with neurodevelopmental disabilities such as autism spectrum disorder.

 Emily currently holds a CIHR Vanier Graduate Scholarship.


Tuyen Le is a first year Masters student in the Health Research Methodology Program. She has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from the University of Waterloo, majoring in Psychology. She is completing a thesis-based Masters under the supervision of Dr. John Cairney and her research interest include the psycho-social determinants of health of young children. She first worked in the INCH lab as a Research Assistant in Spring 2014 before transitioning into a student role. In her spare time, she plays lacrosse for McMaster, does woodwork, and bakes!